Box Gutters by Sydney Roof

Box Gutters

When buying a new home, building from scratch or looking at repairing an existing roof, it’s important to understand the kind of materials and elements a roof is made up of. Whilst some of these may seem concerning to the uninitiated, rest easy – we’re here to introduce you into the world of roof types and components! Whilst it may be tempting to go with the first choice that presents itself, the types of materials and designs you choose on your new home are choices you will live with for many decades to come, so spend the time you need to decide on the design and functionality that will best serve your family’s home across this time.

One of the crucial elements to familiarise yourself with is the box gutter. This is a gutter option that is both effective in its ability to transport water run-off from your roof and keep water from stagnating or leaking through into the home, and also offers a strong aesthetic option for those looking for a ‘clean’ and sleek home design.

What is a box gutter?

Box Gutters are a type of rain gutter installed on roofs that is normally rectangular in shape. It’s placed in between two parallel surfaces to serve as a valley, connecting areas such as parallel roofs of acting as the intersection at the junction between the roof and an element such as a parapet wall. It’s easy to see where it gets its named – it’s generally ‘boxed’ into the middle or edge of the roof.

Box gutters are often concealed, normally hidden by an external wall that may be higher than the end of the roof. This concealment is one of the reasons box gutters make a popular choice for new homeowners looking to minimise the gutter visual around their roof lines. They’re made from high quality material designed to stand the test of time, making steel or Colourbond a great choice as a box gutter material.

Box gutters are designed to collect water and dispose of it through the use of the drainpipe, as is the case with other types of gutters. However, because this type is concealed, it’s a great choice for those who don’t like the look of traditional gutters.

In order for them to work at their maximum capacity, box gutters are designed with an emergency overflow to ensure water has a direction to continue to flow if the gutter becomes blocked. Without this overflow, water will instead be diverted directly into the roof, causing many issues as a result. Box gutters also require installation by an experienced professional who can ensure it is correctly sloped in accordance to the outlet points. This prevents ‘ponding’, which is what occurs when water has nowhere to run off to and is instead left to stagnate in the gutters, leading to corrosion.

Types of box gutters

Box gutters come in a wide range of options, and are made from a wide source of materials. These materials include aluminium, steel, copper and stainless steel, all materials that have proven themselves as reliable over the test of time. This also allows for a range of colours, so the homeowner is able to choose something that best suits their home’s visual style.

You can also purchase box gutters in a wide range of sizes – when you hire an experienced roofing professional to install your box gutters, they’ll be able to advise on which size will be most effective for your roof’s needs in that particular geographical location, given the variables each region brings with it.

Benefits of box gutters & reasons to install them

Box gutters offer a number of benefits to you as a homeowner. As they are fitted directly onto the framework of the home, you’re guaranteed to end up with gutters that will not warp or bend, which can be a common problem and will often occur particularly in the case of new builds and recently completed homes. If this takes place, you will have gutters that are not adequately draining, and they’ll require the attention of roofing professional in order to be restored to working order. This can be a costly exercise.

Box gutters can also prove as a more resilient long-term gutter option for your home. They’re commonly found in older buildings, as they were introduced into building methods before the metal gutters that are most widely used in today’s modern age. They’re one of the more durable forms of gutters and, with proper maintenance, can last for many years, saving you time and money when it comes to the repairs a less reliable gutter system would require over the same amount of time.

They also offer an aesthetic choice that will be preferred by some when it comes to personal taste for the exterior look of the home. They have a seamless effect, blending with the lines of your roof without any overhang, as is the case with other gutter types.

It’s important to keep in mind that box gutters will only work effectively when they have been installed properly. This is not the kind of task that should be attempted as a weekend DIY project – it’s definitely best left to the professionals.

A proper installation will see the box gutter installed into the roof itself, with the wooden structure sloping to the outlet hole which will be positioned at the gutter’s lowest point. It’s crucial to ensure the gutter’s slope is even, as an uneven gutter will affect the flow of water and interrupt the process of run-off after a storm.

Whatever gutter you choose, whether box gutter or something else, it’s important to ensure you’re hiring the best team for the job. Gutters serve an important purpose in keeping your home leak-free and protecting your roof. Do your research and look for an experienced box gutter installer who will make the process pain-free and ensure your box gutters are able to serve your home well for years to come.