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Should I get a roof inspection?

sydney roof inspection

As with all assets, inspections are a vital part of a product’s longevity. Your roof is no exception. Homeowners tend to wait until they notice something is wrong before they get an inspection but many of the problems in a roof can be rectified whilst still small if they are detected early. Sydney Roof recommends a roof inspection every three to five years to detect small and future problems before they become a headache.

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What are signs my roof plumbing needs fixing?

sydney roof replacemnt

Some of the first but not only indicators of a roof or gutter problem can be a wet mark on your ceiling, flaking paint, distorted ceiling plasterboard, excessive water flowing over gutters or pouring out of downpipes, visible roof tiles slipping down the roof or gutters hanging down.  These are just a few indicators that all is not well with your roof or gutters and you should get a professional roof inspection from a reputable company.

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Is it safe to do roof or gutter repairs myself?

diy roof repair sydney

Roofing professionals have many hours of training covering roof safety, roof systems, roof products and correct techniques just to name a few. Not all products for repair can be used on all types of roofing and further damage can be done if the wrong products are used.

As the homeowner, your safety must be your No1 priority, a slip or fall from a roof can have dire consequences. Leave roofing work to the professionals.

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I have a leaky roof, do I need a new one?

Many roofs only need repairing not replacing. A free roof inspection by Sydney Roof will give you an honest and informative account of your roof’s condition and will set out all of your roof repair options. We take pictures of any potential issues that we find on your roof to help you visualise and understand any issues you may have with your roof.

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Do you remove the rubbish when the job is done?

rubbish removed after roof repair

 All the roofing waste will be removed and your property will be left as it was before the roofing work started.

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Do I have to move out to have my roof replaced?

no need to move out

No, we can replace your roof quickly and safely with no disruption to your everyday life. Some exclusions apply.

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Weather turns bad while working – What then?

storm while roof repair

At Sydney Roof we never uncover more of the roof than we can finish in a day, therefore, ensuring we can cover up any open roof quickly and easily if it starts to rain.  If we haven’t started your roof and the weather turns bad, we will just delay the start until the bad weather has passed.

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Are you licensed and insured?

work insurance sydney roof

Yes, Sydney Roof is fully licensed and insured. Certificates may be viewed upon request.

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Is your work guaranteed?

sydney roof guarantees work

Yes, we guarantee all of our work. We offer a 10-year workmanship guarantee on any work Sydney Roof completes. This is in addition to the roofing manufacturers warranties on all new roofing products that we use.

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What roofing products do you use?

major roofing brands australia

At Sydney Roof, we only use tried and proven products that have stood the test of time. These include but are not limited to Colorbond Roofing, Boral Roof tiles, Velux Skylights, Skydome, AmpleLight roof sheeting, Ace gutters, Lysaght and CSR Monier.

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Do you do Insurance work?

sydney roof insurance work

Yes, Sydney Roof is happy to supply a quote for your insurance company and to do the job quickly and expertly with no stress to you the homeowner.

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How much does a roof cost to repair or replace?

how much does a roof cost to replace sydney

Roof size, products used, building height, site access are all factors that add to the final quote price of your roof repair or replacement. The only real way you can get an accurate quote and to find out what you need is to have a roof inspection and a written quote.  This information will help you budget for any future roof works.

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What is bedding and pointing?

roof repair sydney roof

These terms refer to a tiled roof, generally concrete or terra cotta. Bedding is the process of cementing the Ridge Capping onto the roof tiles. Pointing is generally an Acrylic based product with the colour built in. Generally known as Flex point.  This is then troweled over the face of the bedding, blending in seamlessly with the colour of your tiles.

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What is a Box Gutter?

sydney roof box guttering

A Box Gutter refers to a gutter which is folded to size either from Colorbond or Zincalume and installed within the external walls of a building. Usually, Box Gutters are not able to be seen from ground level giving the building a smooth and sleek look.

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Do Roofers install Skylights?

skylight installation sydney roof

Most reputable roofing companies will install Skylights.

Skylights have to be installed with meticulous care to ensure there are no leaks now or in the future. Any penetration through the roof itself has to be flashed with due care and good plumbing practices as this is generally the weak point in the roof.

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What Payment Methods to You Take?

All major credit cards including Amex, Cheque, and Gold Bullion


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