Leafguard Installation by Sydney Roof

Leaf Guard

What is a Leaf Guard?

Leaf Guards are a rain gutter protection system designed to effectively carry water away from your home in a better manner than comparative gutter systems. Not only are they stronger than any of the other gutter options on the market, but their unique design also allows them to keep any leaf and debris matter out of your gutters, preventing clogs that can lead to more expensive issues and require the help of a professional to clear out. This is particularly useful when it comes to the crazy summer storms that can hit Sydney throughout the stormy summer season, as large amounts of leaves and other debris can be dumped on roofs within short time frames, creating clogs overnight that require immediate attention.

Its design can be adapted to suit any kind of existing guttering, including the box gutter. Leaf Guards are strongly suited to homes in bushfire areas, as they minimise the debris and leaf build-up in the home’s gutters, which can develop into fire hazards during dry seasons when bushfires are difficult to control and spread quickly.

Leaf Guards are also useful for homes that run on tank water, as they’re more effectively at directing the flow of water and can route valuable rainwater supplies down into the household tank for everyday use.

Types of Leaf Guards

There are a variety of leaf guards available to suit a wide range of gutter types. These include…

Leaf Guards for box gutters – these are most commonly found in industrial buildings, as the roof lines of these buildings are often noticeably larger than the average residential home and therefore collects more debris. Leaf guards used for box gutters are designed with larger holes due to the placement of industrial buildings in areas without many trees. By placing the mesh at an acute angle, debris sweeps over the edge when it’s carried by rain water, whilst the water itself drips through the holes, both removing debris and preventing build up at the same time.

Leaf Guards for edge gutters – leaf guards that are to be used on edge gutters are designed specifically to fit with a fine and thin mesh, whilst still providing the structural strength and support required to deal with the debris.

Leaf Guards for half round gutters – a common gutter style is the half round gutter, which has a curvy bottom lending a different architectural and aesthetic style to the line of the roof. Here, a leaf guard can be fitted as either a filter or a screen. Because the mesh is made with tiny and fine holes, the debris that falls on the roof is unable to make it through and land in the gutter, therefore preventing clogs and other gutter problems due to debris build-up.

Leaf Guards for S- gutters – many older homes throughout Sydney will have an S-gutter in keeping with a more traditional design style. The S-gutter gets its name from the curve of the gutter itself. Leaf Guards can be made available for S-gutters by specific design.

Benefits and reasons to install a Leaf Guard

There are many benefits to be gained from installing Leaf Guards on the gutters throughout your home. Firstly, you’re able to prevent the build up of leaves and debris, as can be a problem for many Sydney homeowners throughout autumn as the surrounding trees begin to drop their leaves in preparation for winter (Sydney may not get the spectacular autumn colours of Canberra, but there’s still some changes!). Leaf Guards allow you to enjoy the foliage cover of your yard’s trees without worrying about excess dropping and clogged gutters as a result. A Leaf Guard will send falling leaves scattering off towards the ground below instead of letting them rest in the gutter and build up over time.

Leaf Guards also offer strong protection against bushfires and embers. In the dry Australian summer heat, bushfires are all too common, and leaf debris and build up in gutters is a leading cause in homes shooting up in flames. Even if a fire is not close to your property, an ember sent flying by the wind could land in this debris and cause a fire to break out at a moment’s notice. Leaf Guards are not flammable, and keep gutters free of fire-starting materials, adding further protection to your home.

You’ll receive the added benefit of protection from heavy storms, when water deluges can overwhelm your roof’s gutters and send additional water cascading over the edge. This can cause damage to garden beds, verandahs, decks and walls underneath, and if the water leaks into the roof cavity, you’re at risk of deterioration. Leaf Guard works to stop this from occurring by removing debris and leaving a clear path for water to flow in the direction it was designed to.