Metal Wall Cladding Installation by Sydney Roof

Metal Wall Cladding

Oh, the joys of owning a home. You’ve finally found the perfect home or the perfect block of land, and you’re ready to sign the dotted line and hire some handy movers to do the heavy lifting for you. Anyone who has purchased a home can tell you the reality – it’s never quite that simple!

There are many things to consider when purchasing a new home, building from scratch, or even keeping an eye on the quality of your existing home with a mind to implementing necessary repairs to stop damage from spreading. Being a responsible homeowner requires an attentive eye, a practical eye and a thorough understand of the elements your home needs to function at its best. After all, a happy and healthy home is a great foundation for a happy and healthy family.

Whilst it may not be as glamorous a decision as the kind of stove to install or what colour your new couch should be, choosing the finishing products for your walls is an important decision, and the results will stay with you over the duration of your time in that home. Therefore, it’s important to choose wisely!

One of these wall-finishing options is metal wall cladding.

What is Metal Wall Cladding?

Metal wall cladding is a low-maintenance and highly affordable choice when it comes to a construction’s finish. It’s often used in contemporary homes throughout Sydney, as it has a similar look and feel to the classic Australian corrugated iron that is used widely throughout Australia’s cultural heritage. Because of this connection, metal wall cladding has been widely embraced over the past few decades as an option that’s strong both in its functionality and in its aesthetic result. It’s also very easy to keep clean, as it’s easy to wipe over and stands strong against the test of everyday life in a way that other wall materials do not.

There are many superiorly designed architectural homes throughout Sydney that evoke Australia’s architectural history through their embrace of metal wall cladding. It’s a design tool that has stood the test of time, making its way through many design eras in different forms before being introduced into many residential designs as a norm in our modern day.

Types of Wall Cladding

Wall cladding comes in a variety of forms so there’s lots of choice as to what will suit your particular home best. One of the most popular metal wall cladding types is made of Colourbond steel, which comes in many different colours, letting the colour choice complement the rest of the home. Colourbond steel wall cladding offers many benefits. Not only does it withhold extreme weather conditions, but it’s also one of the easiest forms of wall finishing to maintain. It’s very long lasting and resists chips and flaking over the course of time.

Corrugated iron cladding is another choice available on the market. It conjures up a connection to older Australian classical architecture, with a strong emphasis on a connection to the Australian bushland as it was often used on cattle farms and homesteads. Corrugated iron is available as wall cladding and complements both traditional and modern architecture. You’re also able to choose the length and thickness it comes in, adapting the design to suit your particular needs and preferences. Corrugated iron is a very strong option and is also easy to install, providing a practical cladding solution that will withstand a variety of weather conditions. You can purchase it unpainted in its natural aluminium colour, or in a wide range of pre-painted colours for easy installation in your home.

A further metal cladding option is Maximus cladding, which has a deeper corrugated profile in comparison to corrugated iron, increasing strength and impact resistance. Maximus cladding is highly versatile and is made from high tensile steel to supply its core strength. This type of cladding is also available in a range of pre-painted colours that can be purchased ready for installation with minimum labour.

Other types of metal wall cladding include CGI Mini steel wall cladding, which is a very visually strong profile that is capable of adding unique character to walls, awnings, ceilings and feature paneling. CGI mini steel cladding has grown in popularity amongst interior designers who find its profile interesting and attractive, and are implementing it in home designs to add a different texture and layer to a room’s profile. Again, this type of cladding can be purchased unpainted or in a range of colours designed to fit into many varying colour schemes.

Some of the more interesting cladding types are CGI pre-curving and CGI spring curving, both of which can come pre-curved to create a variety of concave or convex shapes ready for installation. These cladding options allow homeowners versatility in their designs, combining traditional cladding features with a rounded element to create further points of interest.

Benefits of Metal Wall Cladding

Metal wall cladding is a choice that brings with it many benefits. It’s a very versatile material that can be installed over just about any existing cladding, including brick, block, stucco or even other existing metal cladding. Because of this, labour costs can be reduced, as it’s able to fit right on top of your existing wall cladding. You can have a fresh look with new wall cladding in a very short time frame compared to the time and labour it would take to install some of the other options available on the market.

Metal wall cladding is able to be insulated, which allows for better temperature control within the home. This is particularly useful in rooms where temperature control is critical, such as a wine cellar or a cold room.

As well, metal wall claddings are an easy way to increase the aesthetic value of a dated home. With a small upfront investment, you’re able to transform your home’s look and bring in an elegant, timeless and modern solution almost overnight. If you’re itching to give your home a facelift, metal wall cladding may be the solution you’ve been looking for!