Purlins Replaced and Installed

What are the signs that Indicate that I may need my roof purlins fortified?

You may notice that your roof has a sag that is visible from ground level.

A lot of buildings are under engineered and the roof does not have enough purlins to support the roof structure in conjunction with additional loads such as heavy hail, heavy rain, and strong wind loads.

Our roof plumbers know what works when it comes to metal purlins. We can advise on the best type of purlin to suit your roofing, including C-section and Z-section options.

No matter whether you’re building a new home with a new roof, repairing a damaged or rusty roof or if your factory needs roof repairs, we can replace and install purlins for all types of metal roofing – including corrugated iron, COLORBOND®, ZINCALUME®, and TRIMDEK®.

At Sydney Roof, we have the expertise to implement engineer specifications or we can work with builders to get the job done.