Roof Extensions & Skillion Roofs Sydney

Extending your home is a great alternative to having to sell and move because of space constraints.

Staying in your suburb where the children are in school and you are happy with family and friends are all good reasons to consider extending rather than selling.

At Sydney Roof can provide you with a seamless finish that will blend in with your current roof. We can match both the colour and style of your current roof so that your extension will blend into your home and add to the value and ascetics of your home, ensuring a quality finish.

No matter what type of roof you have here at Sydney Roof we have the experience to help you to gain more space and add style to your current home with the least possible intrusion into your busy life.

At Sydney Roof we can Quote from your plans or one of our friendly quoters can meet you on site to discuss your extension needs and to give you a no obligation quote. No job is too big or too small for Sydney Roof.


Skillion roofs are often installed because they are cheap, easy and fast to construct. Another reason they’re installed is that they don’t suffer from the drainage problems encountered by less steeply pitched roofs.

A skillion roof is often used as a design feature and is used extensively in Sydney’s narrow but long blocks. It can also be seen on many industrial buildings. It is also common to see building extensions finished with skillion roofs. More recently, the skillion roof has become a popular choice for extensions in Australia

There are different types of skillion roofs.

There are circular or oval roofs as well as a butterfly skillion roof. This style is often used to trap large volumes of water and can be useful if your rain water runoff is collected in a water tank.

A skillion roof is, quite often metal due to the nature of its low pitch and can be used to create a minimalist look to your roof. If positioned correctly, a skillion roof can be a good support for solar panels