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Bondi, a fairly large suburb, is located in Syndey, New South Wales, Australia. According to a 2016 census, Bondi has a population of 10,045 residents. It was officially established as a suburb in 1851. It is governed by the Waverley Council local government area. Surrounding suburbs include Bondi Junction, Bellevue Hill, North Bondi, Bronte, Tamarama, and Waverly. Bondi has a rich history and many cultural, sporting, and recreational opportunities for its residents to engage in.


Bondi was officially established in 1851. According to the National Library of Australia, the land now known as Bondi was originally owned by William Roberts, a road-builder. He received the land as a 200-acre grant. Bondi was officially established when the editor of the Sydney Monitor, Edward Smith Hall, purchased the land in 1851.

Bondi was originally a vacation destination. People were attracted to Bondi for Bondi Beach. However, Bondi was then developed into a residential area. Bondi is currently a fairly high population suburb. According to its heritage listing, a public schooling system was developing in Bondi in 1883 when the Bondi Public School was built.

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Demographics and Public Transportation

According to a 2016 census, Bondi’s population is 10,045 residents. Over 45% of Bondi residents are Australian born. Other countries significantly represented in Bondi include England, Ireland, New Zealand, and South Africa. English is the most prominent language used in Bondi, with over 60% of residents being English speaking. Residents of Bondi most commonly identified with No Religion. Demographic information was obtained via a 2011 census.

Historically, the most popular form of public transportation in Bondi is tram services. Bondi has long-established systems of Trams. Trams first opened in 1887. In 1902, Bondi introduced electric-powered Trams. In the 1950s, many Tram routes were replaced with buses.

Sports, Recreation, and Culture

Bondi has a thriving sporting culture The Sydney Roosters, a National Rugby League team, call Bondi their home. Bondi also hosts a rugby team that competes in the Rugby Union Club. They are referred to as the Waverly Rugby Club. According to the club’s website, the Waverley Rugby Club has won 45 Suburban Premierships.

For other recreational opportunities, residents can engage in the many shops and hotels Bondi hosts. There are many areas of commerce on Bondi Road and at the shopping area at Bondi Junction. Bondi is also home to the Royal Hotel, a well-known landmark in Bondi. Bondi is also close to Bondi beach, providing residents with many leisurely opportunities.

As far as culture, Bondi has a history in broadcast radio. During the 2000s, Bondi FM, a well-known radio station, broadcasted 24 hours a day. The broadcasts were broadcasted from the top of Hotel Bondi. Bondi offers its residents many opportunities to engage in sports, recreation, and culture.



PADSTOW: 24 Curzon Rd, Padstow Heights, NSW, AU

CROWS NEST: 44 Huntington Street, Crows Nest, NSW, AU

KINGSFORD: 170a Botany Street, Kingsford, NSW, AU

Cammeray, Sydney

Approximately 5 kilometers north of the Sydney central business district sits Cammeray, a suburb in the lower north shore of Sydney.

Cammeray is in the local government area of North Sydney council.

East of Cammeray is its neighboring suburb Cremorne while on the west lies Crows Nest. North Bridge is north of the suburb while north Sydney sits on the south.

Most of Cammeray is a residential area. The suburb offers waterfront houses that are popular residential areas for many people. Cowdroy Avenue and Cammeray road provide some of the homes with unobstructed views of the waterfront.

Its proximity to the city center makes Cammeray an ideal residential area especially for people working in the city.

The beautiful views make for a relaxing and calming time after long days of work and exhaustion.

North Sydney region mainly belonged to the Cammeraygal tribe of the aboriginal people.

That is the origin story of the name Cammeray. The suburb was the first region in Sydney to have a quarry. Stones from the quarry built many of the early buildings in Sydney during the time.

Joseph Abbott resided in Cammeray for some time. During that time, he built Tarella, an Italianate mansion in 1886.

Palmer Street in the suburb is named after him while Amherst Street takes its name from William Amherst, a governor of India in 1823.

The building put up by Abbott featured a clock tower and a coach house. The building is part of Cammeray’s heritage and is in the heritage council listings.

Miller Street in Cammeray is the hub of all activity. It is a famous street and has many cultural restaurants along its length. The area celebrates a burst of Chinese, Thai and Italian cuisine.

The road is also home to most of the small businesses in the suburb like jewelers, dentists, petrol stations among others.

The main shopping areas in the suburb include the green park area and the stock land Cammeray. These shopping centers feature specialty stores. Stock land features the Harris farm markets.

Cammeray suburb greatly appreciates nature. Most of the quiet streets of the suburb have trees lining them that enhance the beauty of the suburb. Many of the houses in Cammeray are semi-detached, single and double story houses.

There are a few cases of modern high rise apartments built in recent years, however. Low rise apartments in the suburb are beginning to take shape, especially in the shopping village of the suburb.

For leisure and recreation, Cammeray presents the best spots for the residents to spend their time. Tunks Park is a favorite spot for joggers and dog walking. It offers extensive park grounds that are perfect for walking and jogging exercises. Soccer, rugby, and cricket fields are also available in Tunks.

A small boat ramp is available on the eastern side of Tunks Park. There are small boats that facilitate short trips and enter the middle of the harbor. A skate park and youth plaza are under construction in the park.

The Cammeray marina that is on Cowdroy Avenue is another fantastic spot for many residents and tourists to the suburb. The marina is run by the Rabbitts family and offers yachts cruises in the suburb.

Camperdown, Sydney

Camperdown suburb is an inner western suburb of Sydney that is the home of the University of Sydney. It is 4 kilometers south west of the Sydney central business district and falls under the city of Sydney and the inner west council.

Camperdown suburb has a massive population density. It is largely a residential area and is also home to the royal prince Alfred hospital. Some of the neighboring suburbs to Camperdown include glebe to the north and Newtown to the south.

It neighbors Stanmore to the east and is west of Darlington. Chippendale and Annandale are northeast and northwest of Camperdown respectively.

Boasting of a rich heritage, the suburb gets its name from a naval battle in 1797.

The battle of Camperdown ended, and Governor William Bligh who took part in the struggle received a land grant encompassing the area of Camperdown and part of present-day Newtown suburb. He named the region after the fight.

Camperdown suburb initially began as a residential village and a farming area through most of the 19th century.

While farmers sold their produce to neighboring regions, many people continued to move into the suburb, and the population proliferated.

Today, Camperdown is mainly residential due to the rapid increase in population. Many high-density buildings and apartments grace the suburb as more people find their home in the suburb.

Many of the residential areas have undergone redevelopment from what they once were, like the Westmead hospital.

The royal prince Alfred hospital stands in an area that was first a racecourse that dominated the region in 1827.

The University of Sydney’s design is by Edmund Blacket who later received an honor through the construction of the Blacket’s great hall in 1859.

The architectural designs of buildings in Camperdown mainly depict Victorian terraced houses.

This is a shared trait with some of its neighbors like Newtown and Enmore. Many buildings are a single story, and others are semi-detached houses. The 20th-century building style is evident in the suburb.

There has been an influx of new buildings in the suburb as more areas develop into residential housing.

Some new buildings portray old Victorian and Edwardian scopes. Apartment complexes are however fast taking over from the old architectural styles.

Victoria Park is one of the most popular hangout spots in the suburb. It is especially trendy among students of the University of Sydney since it is near the university.

The park provides the perfect environment for relaxation and a peaceful time.

The road is the primary mode of transportation in the suburb. The Parramatta road connects Sydney to Parramatta and cuts through the northern parts of Camperdown.

City road is another major road that connects to southern suburbs of Sydney. It meets Parramatta road in Camperdown forming a significant intersection in the suburb.

There is a lot to experience in Camperdown. The suburb attracts many tourists who enjoy staying in the area due to its ambiance and its incredible proximity to so many Sydney attractions.

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