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Botany, a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, is located on the northern shore of Botany Bay. According to a 2011 census, Botany has a population of 8,884 residents. It is governed by the Bayside Council local government area.

Surrounding suburbs include Mascot, Pagewood, Banksmeadow, Botany Bay, and Port Botany. It has a rich history and many cultural, sporting, and recreational opportunities for its residents to engage in.

Botany is also known to be a commercial area, as it supports Port Botany, one of Sydney’s most used Ports.


While it was not officially established until 1887, Botany has a rich history. Botany Bay, which Botany rests on, was the original landing sport of Captain James Cook in April of 1770.

Cook was the first non-Aboriginal to discover Australia. Cook is a famous explorer, and, according to, he also was the first to discover the Hawaiian island.

Botnay was originally conceptualized as an agricultural district. However, with developments made by Simeon Lord, Botany bloomed into an industrial district. Currently, Botany is predominately a residential district.

This occurred after many of the industrial areas in Botany were redeveloped as terraces and apartments.

Botany is a major commercial area. This is due to the fact that Botany is near Port Botany, which is Sydney’s most important port. This makes Botany a huge developmental area for shipping and freighting.

It is also one of Sydney’s largest producers of chemicals. This is due to largely to the Orica plant in the area. Commercial areas in Botany support Botany’s economy.

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Demographics and Public Transportation

Botany is a modest suburb, with only 8,884 residents according to a 2011 census. Botany has a diverse population, with only 23.8% of its residents having Australia ancestry. Other represented ancestries include England, Ireland, Scotland, and China.

English is by far the most spoken language, with over 70% of its residents speaking only English. Botany citizen’s most common religious affiliation is Catholic. All statistics obtained by a 2011 census.

Historically, Botany relied on tram services for public transportation. In 1882, Botany introduced a tramway. It was steam powered, and it was replaced by electrical trams. Trams were later replaced by bus routes.

Sports, Recreation, and Leisure
Residents of Botany have many opportunities to engage in leisure, recreation, and sports. As far as sports, Botany is home to multiple National Rugby League teams. Teams include the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Botany Rams.

Other recreational opportunities include many Parks for residents to visit. One of the largest parks in Botany is the Sir Joseph Banks Park. The park houses the Foreshore Reserve. The Foreshore reserve has walking tracks, sand dunes, and many ponds.

The Sir Joseph Banks park also houses the Sir Joseph Banks Pleasure Gardens. The Pleasure gardens feature a playground with life-sized animal sculptures. The many sporting, recreation, and leisure opportunities in Botany, along with its strong commercial production, makes Botany the desired suburb to live in.



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Botany NSW 2019, Australia


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