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Darling Point a Popular Place to Be

Darling point is the fantastic suburb that is just 4 kilometers east of the Sydney central business district.

It falls under the eastern suburbs and is a great harbour side.

The area was founded in 1833 and is part of Woollahra council.

Darling Point is a suburb always buzzing with activity as residents grow their area.

The Real estate industry is very lucrative in this area due to the quality of homes and apartments.

They are priced high which makes it an affluent neighbourhood.

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Darling Point NSW – Great Views of Sydney Harbour

Since it is only 4 kilometers from Sydney, it makes it easy for residents to commute and have businesses there leaving Darling Point as a residential area that ranks among the most prestigious suburbs in Australia.

To the north of Darling Point is Sydney Harbor, here you can find port Jackson and Edgecliff is south of the suburb.

Double Bay neighbors Darling Point to the east and Rushcutters bay to the west, close to Elizabeth Bay.

The first settlers in Darling Point were aboriginals who originally named the area Eurambi Yaranabe, Yarrandabbi.

The name however changed to Darling Point in honor of the governor’s wife, Elizabeth Darling.

The suburb is not only one of the oldest settlements but also among the most populated areas in Sydney.

Being an affluent neighborhood, Darling Point society tries to bring people together and ensure the respect and direct address of everyone’s concerns and suggestions.

This society is revered, and it has helped the area remain transparent and those in power accountable.

The Darling Point Society dedicates its time to preserving the heritage of Darling Point.

Parks and recreation facilities in the area are common and frequented by residents and tourists.

Many people travel to Darling Point to experience the exclusivity of the suburb.

To get to Darling Point, there are two main access ways, Greenoacks avenue, and Mona road.

The Darling Point ferry wharf helps people get to and from the eastern suburbs. Those looking to travel by train, Edgecliff railway station also serves Darling Point.

Mckell park is a great attraction for residents and visitors to Darling Point. From the park, people can breathe and take in the beauty of Sydney harbor.

It has over time become a trendy wedding destination for many individuals and picnics for families.

The park is right next to the ferry stop which makes it more desirable.

There are many landmarks in Darling Point that are unique.

Owing to the growth and dominance of real estate in the area, the architectural designs are unique, stylish and provide the area of Darling Point with a distinct prestigious feel.

Craigend and Carthona are great examples of buildings that speak of the culture and heritage of darling point.

Darling Point is a great residential suburb that has attracted many notable people to the area.

It is a popular residential place for judges, actors and anyone looking for a quiet but exciting and luxurious neighborhood.

Darling Point is both a historical suburb as well as a modern area that provides a high contrast between older architectural designs and modern architecture since real estate dominates this area.


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Edgecliff, Sydney Australia

Edgecliff is literally at the edge of a cliff which is where it gets its name. It is only 4 kilometers east of Sydney central business district and falls under the Woollahra Municipal. It is a small eastern suburb that is one of the most popular sporting areas.

It is only 4 kilometers east of the Sydney central business district and falls under the Woollahra Municipal. It is a small eastern suburb that is one of the most popular sporting areas.

It is a small eastern suburb that is one of the most popular sporting areas.

The suburb though small has some of the highest priced properties due to its proximity to the city center.

Many of the residential buildings in the area provide an undistracted view of the Sydney Harbor’s, Port Jackson.

There are many suburbs around Edgecliff, most of which serve to grow the area and also contribute to the high real estate prices.

Many of the residential buildings in the area provide an undistracted view of the Sydney Harbor’s, Port Jackson.

There are many suburbs around Edgecliff, most of which serve to grow the area and also contribute to the high real estate prices.

There are many suburbs around Edgecliff, most of which serve to grow the area and also contribute to the high real estate prices.

Double Bay, a luxurious and expensive suburb is east of Edgecliff and darling point neighbors the suburb to the north.

Darling Hurst is Edgecliff’s immediate neighbor to the west while Woollahra is south of the area.

Edgecliff is also relatively close to Rushcutters Bay, Paddington and Bellevue hill.

Edgecliff is known as a sporting suburb because of the Sydney roosters who have participated in the national rugby league since 1908.

They are a source of pride for the area and the whole eastern suburb district.

The rich history of the area speaks of the growth and evolution of the suburb from early European settlers. During the European settlement, quarrying left the suburb at the edge of a rocky cliff. Glenrock property once dominated the area.

Sir Edward Knox built Fiona in 1864 that is now known as a classical revival mansion.

The original building was a sand stone building.

Edgecliff has an underground railway station that serves many of the eastern suburbs.

It has acted as a significant link between the area and the city as well as other parts of Sydney.

Commuting through, to and from Edgecliff are painless since there are frequent trains.

There is also a bus station above the railway station that serves commuters within Edgecliff.

Edgecliff is a vibrant suburb that has the average age of residents at 38.

Many of the people residing in Edgecliff run businesses and also work in the city which is close.

The standard of living in the suburb is affordable, but real estate is quite expensive because of the view of the beautiful Sydney harbor as well as the influx of tourists to the area.

Edgecliff’s commercial center is very centralized.

It features a commercial building that offers retail spaces for locals to set up businesses.

The area has many cultures coming together to create the Edgecliff suburb that is full of energy.

Tourists to the area enjoy the magnificent views as well as the parks that offer serene and fun experiences for the whole family to indulge, restaurants serving various local and international cuisines and many other unique activities.

Due to its proximity to double bay and other suburbs, locals and tourists also visit these areas to experience what each of the suburbs has to offer.

Double Bay is a popular stop due to the high-end fashion.

Edge cliff is popular for the incredible view.


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Hornsby, Sydney

Hornsby is 25 kilometers northwest of the Sydney central business district.

It is an upper north shore Sydney suburb that is the administrative center of Hornsby Shire.

The suburb is south of Mount Colah and Hornsby heights. East of Hornsby lies Waitara; Norman Hurst is to the south while Dural West Leigh is on the west.

The suburb of Hornsby takes its name from a police constable who helped stop bushrangers.

He was a convict who then became a constable. His contributions to the capture of the bushranger earned him a respectable place in the area and subsequently granted land. Samuel Henry Horne named his land Hornes place.

Before the arrival of European settlers. The region was the traditional land of the Dharug people. The area still has over 200 recognized aboriginal sites that are in Hornsby Shire. The culture of the aboriginals living in the area is still preserved in those sections.

Thomas Higgins was the first European settler to arrive in Hornsby. In 1886, Hornsby junction, a railway station was opened in the area, and it paved the way for development in the region.

The northern parts of the suburb grew as a result of the railway station.

Private developers took care of residential growth in Hornsby.

They mainly acquired land near the railway station and mostly built working-class houses.

Other areas of the suburb that offered great views developed as popular residential areas. These areas had better quality housing than areas close to the railway station.

The Roberts family built one of the first arts and crafts style building in Hornsby.

The house was named mount Errington and is now a heritage building. After the construction of mount Errington, the area became a wealthy neighborhood that featured prestigious dwellings in federation style. Birklands is one of the heritage buildings in the area after mount Errington that emulated it.

In 1961, the Westfield group built a very significant shopping mall in Hornsby. It then became the first suburb in the whole of Sydney with a modern shopping center, other suburbs soon built theirs.

Throughout the centuries, Hornsby has grown as an active commercial center especially in areas near the railway line.

The western part of Hornsby has many high street shopping areas while the east side has Westfield Hornsby. There are several specialty shops on the west side. It is also the location of the Hornsby Park, a trendy spot in the suburb.

The Hornsby Park has a new Hornsby aquatic center complex that has many people frequenting. The northwestern parts of Hornsby are industrial areas while the north is the location of a very dominant railway workshop.

Residential areas in Hornsby scatter on both sides of the railway line. They both have medium and low-density houses. The western side of the rail line is bushy and leafy which makes most of the streets quiet.

It is close to the Lisgar gardens and national parks which gives western residents an advantage over the eastern side of the line.

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Darling Point NSW 2027, AustraliaDarling Point NSW 2027, Australia

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