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Live in Double Bay and You’ll Double Pay

Double Bay also often called “double pay” is a suburb that is 4 kilometers east of the Sydney central business district.

The area is the administrative center of Woollahra municipality.

Many people refer to Double Bay as double pay due to the income levels of residents of the area.

The term came about in the 1980’s as a result of the high living standards, income rate and the luxurious nature of the fashion industry in the area which features famous fashion brands.

Double Bay has the most expensive real estate in Australia. People living in Double Bay are well off and indulge in a high-end lifestyle.

Since Double Bay lies between Point Piper that is east of the area and Darling Point, west of the suburb, the name Double Bay came about.

Early European settlement to the area in 1788 catapulted the then village into rapid growth and increased the population. It was originally a shelter for fishermen.

It then developed into a farming and dairy area in 1814 which were some of the activities that developed the area faster than other regions.

Double Bay is close to port Jackson that is to the north and Woollahra is south of Double Bay, Edgecliff and Bellevue hill are also close, south west and south east of Double Bay respectively.

Many of the residents of Double Bay are notable people and celebrities.

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Boutique Central – Double Bay NSW

One of the main activities that have taken root in Double Bay is luxury boutiques that feature fashion names like Jimmy Choo, Prada, Jan Logan, Maria Finlay and many others.

Residents from neighbouring suburbs make their way to Double Bay to indulge in high-end fashion brands.

Since many people cannot afford the homes and apartments in the area, most people visit the area but reside in more affordable suburbs.

Double Bay is not only grand for fashion and expensive real estate, but it is also a great tourist destination due to its beautiful parks and luxurious coffee houses.

Pavement cafes are a must try while in Double Bay as you enjoy the peaceful parks full of trees and provide perfect views of the residential buildings and luxury boutiques.

The wholesome experience that is the ferry ride from the city to Double Bay coupled with the attractive real estate, shops, cafes, and restaurants, make double bay a perfect getaway for couples and families.

Many people indulge in romantic strolls, evening dinner and coffee in one of the cafes.

The Stiller is a great stop for a drink or the very popular Golden Sheaf Beer Gardens that locals and tourists frequent.

While you enjoy the exclusivity of Double Bay, you can also visit some of the popular restaurants that have famous chefs serving luxury cuisines as well as cultural dishes.

There is everything you wish to stroke your palette including international dishes.

After a great meal and a stroll, hot afternoons in the areas are cooled off with a swim.

The area boasts of the Murray Rose Pool which is an extensive swimming area that is both safe and so much fun.


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Double Bay NSW 2028, Australia

Sydney Roof Service Area Double Bay NSW 2028, Australia