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Kensington a Commercial Hot Spot

Kensington, a residential suburb that is 6 kilometers south-east of the Sydney central business district.

It is a very vibrant area that falls under the city of Randwick and is part of the larger eastern suburbs.

The suburb is referred to as “Kenso” in short by most of the locals.

It is a very commercial district and gets a lot of influence from the University of South Wales.

The racing industry is also quite popular and lucrative in the area.

These are the two main factors that have led to the development of Kensington.

To the north of Kensington is Moore Park which is a popular destination while the Randwick racecourse is to the east.

These are some of the neighbours that add to the growth of the suburb.

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Kensington NSW Surrounding Areas

Zetland is west of Kensington and Eastlake to the south. Centennial Park, Rosebery, Waterloo, and Kingsford are also areas very close and accessible from Kensington.

There are many notable landmarks in the area, the University of New South Wales is a very prestigious and famous part of Kensington.

The national institute of dramatic art (NIDA) is another landmark in Kensington suburb.

It is also home to the Australian Golf Club that is a very exclusive club.

Kensington has a vibrant history, and its development traced back to early Cadigal people.

They were the early arrivals to the area before European settlers. The Cadigal were one of the Darug language group clan.

They were excellent fishers and had canoes to travel to different parts.

After the arrival of the European settlers, most of the aboriginals left the area, and only very few Aborigines remain in the area today.

Back in 1828, the swamps of Kensington provided tubers, nectar, fruits, and roots which sustained them as they practiced fishing and traveled.

Originally, Kensington was Lachlan Mills Estate then it changed to Stannumville and later Epsom.

The name Kensington was permanently adopted in the late 1880’s due to industrialization.

Some of the early settlers in industrialized Kensington were convicts who bought land in the area.

The first millionaire in Australia was a convict who bought land and resided in the suburb.

Kensington’s way of life is Middle Class at its best; some cafes and restaurants serve unique dishes from various parts of the world, there are shopping areas, the largest being the strip that runs all the way through Anzac parade to Kingsford.

The university however makes Kensington a business area as many businesses open up near the campus to serve the students.

The Randwick racecourse is also very close to Kensington which is a favorite stop for racing enthusiasts and attracts many tourists to the area.

Centennial Park is also another close neighbor of Kensington that boosts business and increases the number of people visiting Kensington.

The commercial nature of Kensington makes it a beautiful residential area attracting people from many parts of the world to live in Kensington.

The presence of the university and the race course are a big boost to businesses and the tourism industry.




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Kensington NSW 2033, Australia

Sydney Roof Service Area Kensington NSW 2033, Australia