Middle Cove, Willoughby NSW 2068, Australia

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Middle Cove – In the Middle of Beautiful

Middle Cove is a suburb that got its name from its location.

It is between Castle Cove and Crag Cove, 9 kilometers north of Sydney central business district.

The area was undeveloped, and un resided until 1957 when dick Dusseldorf bought the bush land and subdivided it.

He built a house in middle cove that is among the five best architectural designs in Australia.

Middle Cove lies in the city of Willoughby local government area and is bordered by Middle Harbor to the north, south, and east.

Suburbs like Castlecrag is south of Middle Cove, and North Willoughby is south west of the suburb.

These two suburbs share the same postal code as Middle Cove.


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 Middle Cove – Castle Cove NSW

North of Middle Cove is Castle Cove which sometimes people generalize the area into Middle Cove-Castle Cove.

Seaforth is east of the suburb and Chatswood in the far west.

Since the suburb is not very far from the city, it is easy to access services and job opportunities from Middle Cove.

Before the arrival of the European and the abandonment of the area into bush land, aboriginals lived in the area.

The Cammeraygal tribe were the indigenous culture in the area. They were a powerful tribe both in numbers and strength.

After the arrival of European settlers, the aboriginal population significantly dropped, and when the NSW owned the land, the area became bush land until the purchase and subdivision in 1957.

Middle Cove, however, developed fast and became a respectable suburb despite its late start.

The area attracts many visitors who travel to experience the rare and exciting wildlife in the suburb.

The Harold Reid reserve is a huge tourist attraction in Middle Cove.

Picnics with family and friends while enjoying the Sugarloaf bay view is possible at this reserve.

There are walking trails for people looking for an adventure and a hiking experience while others can see the protected wildlife like the buff banded rails, sugar gliders, swamp wallabies, snakes, spine bills and goannas.

Middle Cove is also a great residential area that has seen a surge in population since 2006 as more people move into the suburb.

The number of individuals in Middle Cove remained stable for a long time but has spiked over time due to more residential locations coming up.

Chatswood, Middle Cove’s neighbor on the west, has enabled the suburb to be the best-serviced suburb in Australia.

Despite having schools and shopping centers in Middle Cove, its closeness to Chatswood allows area residents to enjoy many of the services that Chatswood has to offer.

Transportation in the area is not a hassle as bus routes are serving through Middle Cove.

This makes it easy to get in and out of the suburb from the city and neighboring suburbs, in particular for people who get employment in the city but live in Middle Cove.

A significant part of the suburb, the area that is dedicated to wildlife preservation is still mainly bush land. It provides a more natural habitat for the wildlife and gives the reserve a serene environment.


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Middle Cove NSW 2068, Australia

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