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Naremburn North Shore Sydney

Naremburn is a suburb in Sydney whose name is quite a mystery to many.

The exact origin of the name remains a mystery to date, but there have been many speculations over time.

Alexander Dodds who was an early settler and landowner built his home and named it Merrenburn, Naremburn is believed to have come from this.

Other people believe that Naremburn is the Scottish term near a burn due to its closeness to flat rock creek.

It is also traced to aboriginals as the terms Narra, meaning forks and Burren meaning creek.

Flat Rock Creek joined with another creek, and the two looked like a fork which prompted the Aboriginal theory.

This theory dates back to the 1800’s.

While the actual source of the name remains a mystery, it has not stunted the growth of the suburb as it continues to open up and develop.


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Crows Nest by another Name

It is a well-to-do suburb, 6 kilometers from the Sydney central business district. It is in the city of Willoughby.

Naremburn has many neighbors; they are fundamental players in the development of the suburb.

Northridge is north of Naremburn and crow’s nest is in the south.

Cammeray is east of the suburb, and part of Naremburn falls within Cammeraygal lands. Artarmon is the suburb to the west.

The earliest inhabitants of Naremburn wee Cammeraygal people of Guringai nation.

They were in the area until 1820, but not much is evident about them.

Their traditional lifestyle ended by 1830 when all the aboriginal people left Naremburn.

Flat Rock Creek reserve, however, has evidence of their settlement in the area.

Naremburn is an ancient and historic suburb that mainly has Federation style cottages built from timber and bricks.

For a long time, the area preserved the old way of life, and there was minimal growth.

When the Warringah freeway cut across Naremburn, there were concerns that the city would begin industrializing and jeopardizing the values that the people upheld for so long.

The road opened up Naremburn to significant development, and when the second road, Gore hill freeway cut through Naremburn as well, construction of more townhouses began.

This was however still a concern as more people strive to preserve the character of Naremburn.

The people’s concerns were addressed by the national trust of Australia that came up with clear guides and plans on how the area should develop and areas to conserve.

Naremburn is a great suburb that is quiet and offers an opportunity to experience the rich history of the area through the conserved areas and also experience the townships and urbanized areas.

Activities to engage in Naremburn are endless. Restaurants that offer a wide variety of cultural dishes, schools, shopping centers, parks, and recreations are all within Naremburn and easily accessible.

Public parks in the area include Naremburn Park, the bicentennial scenic reserve and talus street reserve.

A significant part of Naremburn is also beautiful and leafy bushland.

These are some of the areas that locals and tourists in Naremburn frequent.


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Naremburn NSW 2065, Australia

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