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Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world. It is a world class city that ranks 10th in the quality of life.

Population in the town of Sydney is always on a rise as more people move into the area.

Sydney has the highest population density in Australia. Many people make a move to Sydney for job and business opportunities while others move for the views, peaceful and affluent nature of the city.

It is a burst of economic success and cultural diversity.

The earliest people in Sydney were the Cadigal people. When European settlers arrived in Australia, Sydney was the first British colony. It is the capital of the state of New South Wales.

The city’s location is a contributing factor to its popularity and natural beauty as well as success.

It is right next to the largest natural harbor in the world.

The city of Sydney borders the Blue Mountains to the west, Hawkesbury is north and MacArthur to the south.

There are 40 local government areas in the city and over 650 suburbs.

The suburbs in Sydney consist of inner suburbs, northern suburbs, eastern suburbs and western suburbs.

Tourism is among the strongest industries in the city. Many people frequent various suburbs of Sydney for the perfect views, the different parks and sporting centers among other attractions.

It is also considered an educational hub since it is home to one of the best universities in the world, University of Sydney.


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European Settlement – James Cook

In 1770, Lt. James Cook arrived in Sydney, and that was the first interaction between the native Sydney siders and European settlers. He first met the Gweagal clan at Botany Bay where he first arrived.

The natives were not very welcoming of the visitors, but Cook was only there to explore.

The indigenous people exited by fishing, hunting, and gathering.

When more settlers arrived, they began building in Sydney. The first buildings were just sub-standard structures. The adoption of better architectural designs occurred when governor Lachlan took office.

Some of the buildings during his time are world heritage sites today.

Many architectural designs began to come up in Sydney. The classical model was used to build the Macquarie lighthouse.

Gothic architecture then took root and dominated in the 1830s. Gothic revival and Victorian gothic became widely accepted models.

The city has so many parks, recreation facilities and community centers scattered all around the various suburbs in the city.

Many tourists and residents visit parks like Moore Park, Centennial Park, the royal botanic garden is a favorite spot.

Beachside suburbs, in particular for people who love surfing and swimming while others visit for the incredible race-course in Randwick.

Theatres, art galleries, museums, historical society and many other unique places that showcase the history, cultural and artistic success of Sydney are popular stops for tourists as well.

Sydney is not just about being a livable city that has fantastic views, economic success, cultural diversity and great architecture.

Transportation is also very smooth in the city.

There are many bus routes and railway lines across the city.



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Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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