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Zetland, Sydney

Zetland is an industrial suburb. It belongs to the inner eastern suburbs of Sydney and is 4 kilometers south of the Sydney central business district. The suburb has medium and high-density residential areas, but it is mostly industrial. It is another Sydney suburb undergoing gentrification.

The aim of renewing the suburb is to erect modern businesses and also give way for the residential development of the suburb. Areas set aside for residential development include Victoria Park made by Landcom.

Thomas Dundas, a friend of governor Sir Hercules Robinson and the 2nd Earl of Zetland, named the suburb. The name Zetland is an ancient way of spelling Shetland. The word Shetland came from an Old Norse name, Hjaltland that means the hilt of a sword.

The swamp and lagoon were drained to make way for Victoria Park racecourse in the 1900s. The racecourse served the wealthy in the suburb since it was a private park. After the end of the Second World War, it closed down and the land sold to Lord Nuffield, a businessman who turned it into a motor vehicle assembly site.


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Swamps and Lagoons

The site then became BMC Australia, Leyland Australia and finally closed down in 1975. Commonwealth of Australia acquired it and turned it into a naval stores depot. It remained operational until the mid-90’s when it later became a residential area with houses built in the area.

North of Zetland is Waterloo which was also mainly a swamp. The swamp and lagoon once dominated the whole of Zetland and Waterloo. The only remaining part of the marsh is the wool-wash park pond. Zetland and Waterloo mainly attracted industries like wool washing and tanning.

The pond features clean water. It is still of great significance in the area as it provides irrigation water for Victoria Park. To preserve the cleanliness of the water, there is no rearing of fish in the pond. Aquatic plants are also prohibited.

Transportation in Zetland began with a tram service in 1902. It served Chalmers, Elizabeth and Redfern streets all the way to Zetland. In 1924, the line extended to Epsom road in Rosebery which is a suburb that neighbors Zetland to the south.

Other neighbors of the suburb include Kensington which is east of Zetland, Moore Park, a favorite park for residents and tourists is northeast of the suburb. Alexandria is on the west border of Zetland. It is also close to Beaconsfield.

Zetland mosque is famous in the suburb. It is a welcoming place that people from different cultural backgrounds visit and share prayer mats. Zetland is an artistic suburb that is striving to modernize and have more residents move into the suburb as well as commercial and retail businesses.

The suburb has many historical buildings. There are terrace style buildings in Zetland the old totalisator building in Victoria Park that is the only remaining structure belonging to Victoria Park Race Course. There are heritage buildings as well, even amidst the residential development in the suburb, they remain as landmarks.


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