What is a Skillion Roof

Skillion roofs are also known as mono-pitched roofs, pent roofs or a lean-to roof. They generate the name because they have a single slope mostly seen in sheds. The mono-pitched shelter does not have a ridge in their roof line, resulting in a structure with different wall heights. Architects categorize skillion roof as twisted flat roofs.

The result of mono-pitched roofs is clerestory windows, where arrays of windows rise on the edge of the mono-pitched region. One can notice skillion roofs because their pitch is higher than conventional roofs.

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Types of Skillion Roofs

There are two types of skillion roof designs. There is the circular style and the butterfly roof style. The circular form, also known as the oval-shaped design, has a curved plan that uses a soft curve for the ridge instead of the typical sharp edge ridge. The circular style is fashionable because of the aesthetic value and its ability to increase the roof’s resistance to wind.

The butterfly design combines to skillion roofs which slope towards one point. They are valuable to residents who harvest rainwater because of their effectiveness in trapping the water.

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Construction of Skillion Roofs

Flat roofs require the use of an impermeable or waterproof membrane to prevent seepage of water. The slanting nature of skillion roofs allows them to drain water efficiently, eliminating the use of a layer. Their construction requires good quality metal roofs to enhance durability and aesthetic property.

The primary consideration in the construction of skillion roofs is the leveling and degree of pitch. During the design, wind speeds and storms in Australia should be considered to ensure the angle and the gradients are reasonable enough to prevent destruction. Metal cladding is used on the mono-pitched roofs to achieve the appropriate rises and falls.  Metal cladding is the superior choice due to their light weight and the ability to make longer spans frequently experienced in skillion roofs.

Stick built is the local method of construction of skillion roofs in Australia. In this process, a carpenter cuts and assembles the roof timbers on site.  The sophisticated design of skillion roofs requires the use of a portal frame. The frame contains a series of trusses to provide extra structural support for the overlying roof. Steel or timbers are the standard material used in the construction of the trusses, depending on the level of strength required in the ceiling.

Guttering lean-to roof requires large products to sustain the volume of water harvested from the ceiling. The square box gutters are the favorite designs used due to their size and strength.

Other factors to be considered in the construction of skillion roofs are the type of windows and the installation of fascia, eaves, flashing and barges.

Benefits of Skillion Roofs

Skillion roofs are easy, fast and economical to construct. The use of a single slope eliminates the cost of materials required for the construction of the gabled roof. Skillion roofs eliminate drainage problems, typical in other shelter designs.  The roof design is aesthetic and useful in any region.