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Mossman – A Distinguished Lady of North Shore

Mossman is the administrative center of the municipality of Mossman.

It is a suburb that is 8 kilometers northeast of Sydney Central Business District.

It is among the wealthiest suburbs and has many notable residents.

Most of the doctors, lawyers, business people and even the king of Narra Weena reside in this affluent suburb.

The suburb has many private residents and the highest average taxable income in Sydney.

It neighbors Seaforth, Cremorne, neutral bay, Kurraba Point, and Clontarf.

The eastern and southeastern neighbors of the suburb are the water body.


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Mosman NSW – Full of History

The name Mossman came from early settlers Archibald and George Mossman, who were twin brothers involved in shipping.

They were the founders of a whaling station that was called Mossman Bay.

George left the whaling and shipping and focused on grazing.

He owned over 100 acres of land in the area and his brother dominated in whaling.

Their significance in the area led to the adoption of the name Mossman.

The Borogegal tribe were the first settlers in Mossman.

They were an aboriginal tribe that was popular because of one of their people, Bungaree, who joined the British and took part in exploring.

Matthew Flinders was one of the explorers who explored Australia with Bungaree.

He became the leader of his people due to his courage and achievements and was later awarded land by the governor, Lachlan Macquarie.

Bungaree became a popular person during the time.

He would greet, and welcome ships that were entering port Jackson and even teamed up with French and Russian explorers.

His portrait was painted and shown in London, Moscow, and Paris.

HMS Sirius arrived at Mossman bay in 1789; it was the first fleet of maritime defenses for Sydney.

The expansion of the defense installations happened when middle Headfort and Bradley’s head Fort complex construction ended.

In 1888, the submarine miners depot built at chowders bay upgraded and the latest harbor defenses installed.

It became the best spot to fire mines and observe a larger area.

The main ship routes were laid with minefields.

This enabled the miners at chowders bay to locate ships entering port Jackson and explode mines close to enemy ships.

Mossman architectural designs are unique and mainly feature Federation-style buildings.

While many areas have private residences, sectors that are not privately owned but still luxurious feature townhouses, apartments, and California bungalows.

It is home to the most remarkable landmarks, the peninsula between Sydney Harbor and middle harbor and some beaches.

There are parks and recreational areas that people travel to Mossman to experience.

Taronga Zoo is one of the main attractions of Mossman.

Mossman also has a shopping center that features boutiques, cafes, and restaurants.

Despite being majorly residential, the suburb also has thriving business along the military road.

These stores present high fashion and the restaurants serve high-end cuisine and explore different cultural dishes.

Most of the residents of Mossman work on the city center which is why the largest part of Mossman remains residential.



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