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Paddington’s Market

Paddington lies within the city of Sydney and the municipality of Woollahra.

North of Oxford street is Woollahra, and the south is Sydney.

It is an eastern suburb that is 3 kilometers from the Sydney central business district.

The suburb is very close to the city which makes it a big beneficiary of the city’s work life, commercial practices, transport networks and recreational facilities.

The suburb is believed to have been inhabited by the Cadigal people before any other settlers arrived in the region.

They belonged to the Eora group and extended to the larger city of Sydney.

Oxford Street at the time was a walking track for the Aboriginal people.

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Paddington Sydney – Full of History

In the year 1789, there was a smallpox outbreak that killed many of the individuals in the area while others moved to other regions to run from diseases and European settlers.

The smallpox outbreak and the migration of the aboriginal people happened after the arrival of the first fleet.

During this time, European settlers had begun amassing land, and Robert Cooper was already building his house.

After the aboriginal people left Paddington, they did not return and left the area to the European settlers.

They converted Paddington into a working-class suburb for the European settlers.

This began the development and growth of Paddington.

After the arrival of the settlers, Paddington proliferated as most of the area’s construction took place in the late 19th century.

Many of the features of Paddington enriched its heritage, and it is a legacy conservation suburb.

The Victorian residential style, the short distance to the city center and the harbor that facilitated trade and growth.

The houses and streets in the suburb are recognized nationally as being of an enormous cultural significance which is why the Paddington suburb heritage is to be upheld and preserved by generations to come.

The unique housing designs and streets attract many tourists to the area.

Paddington is not only close to the city of Sydney, but it also neighbors other suburbs like Darling Hurst to the west.

Centennial Park which is a great attraction for locals and tourists is east of the suburb together with Woollahra.

Edgecliff and Rushcutters are north of Paddington and Surry Hills and Moore Park to the south.

Moore Park is another area that many local residents frequent during their leisure time, holidays and weekends.

There are many areas of interest in Paddington.

It is a well-serviced suburb that has excellent transportation services.

Two tram lines ran through the suburb, Edgecliff’s railway and bus routes that operate in Sydney.

Schools, libraries, churches, landmarks, heritage buildings, cinemas, parks and recreation facilities are a big part of Paddington.

These are areas that locals frequent and benefit from as a result of living and visiting Paddington.

You have to go to the Paddington Market while in Paddington.

Paddington is a suburb that is home to many notable people as well.

Many artists live in Paddington and show their works at the many art galleries in the suburb.

Paddington suburb also houses an extensive list of remarkable hotels.



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Paddington NSW 2021, Australia

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