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Woollahra, Sydney

Woollahra is a suburb in the municipality of Woollahra. It is an eastern suburb 5 kilometers east of the Sydney central business district. The area gets its name from this suburb, but its administrative center is in Double Bay.

Woollahra neighbors Centennial Park and Moore Park to the south. These are famous destinations for residents and tourists in the city and the suburb. Bondi is east of Woollahra and has a very engaging shopping center that many residents visit. West of Woollahra lies Paddington, famous for art galleries and Double Bay is north of the suburb.

The original settlers in the area were aboriginals who named the area. Woollahra is an indigenous name that means camp or meeting place. Daniel Cooper adopted the name for his house, Woollahra house in 1856 and it has remained the name of the suburb.

After building, settling and even becoming the first speaker of the legislative assembly, Cooper and his family began developing the suburb. They contributed to the progress of the suburb and the resulting growth.

Woollahra suburb is a wealthy residential area that has a village style shopping center. The shopping center is the central commercial spot in the suburb. Many people love the calm nature of the suburb despite its proximity to the city center.

The suburb values environmental conservation. It has tree-lined streets and roads that give the suburb a welcoming and prestigious status, making it a preferred residential area for many wealthy people.


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Artsy Neighbours

Woollahra is also an art hub. It has many art galleries supporting art. Woollahra and Paddington are the two suburbs in Sydney with the most art galleries. This is a great attraction for tourists who come to explore the art. It is also an excellent avenue to encourage young artists in the suburb.

The suburb also has many cafes and restaurants that serve incredible meals and make dining put a fun experience for many people. Queen Street is a popular area for antique shops; it is a tourist stop for heirlooms and beautiful antiques to take home and remember the suburb.

Many government consulates are in the suburb like the Turkish, Russian, Polish, German and Serbian embassies. These make Woollahra a very exclusive suburb in Sydney. Its proximity to the city center and accessibility, as well as serenity, makes it a perfect location. Woollahra is home to many notable people. It was home to John Smith McGarvie. He was a biochemist and metallurgist who invented the first preservable vaccine for anthrax.

Many heritage listed buildings are in Queen Street and Moncur Street. Victorian style buildings mixed with modern buildings. Many of the upcoming residential developments in the suburb do not include high-rise buildings as they would overshadow the authenticity of the suburb.

Woollahra suburb also values sports and community events. Queen Street fair was a popular event held from the 1970s and ended in 1980s when the then residents complained of its noise and growing size. It was a great attraction in the area.


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