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Repitching Roof

Structural and Roof Truss Repairs

Sydney Roof are experts in repitching roofs for improved drainage and re-building your roof’s structural integrity.

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New Tile Roofing

New Metal Roofing + Insulation Contractor

Sydney Roof will remove your old roof, make all the needed repairs and then expertly install a new tiled roof.

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Cladding Contractor

Metal Wall Cladding – Metal Roof Cladding

Sydney Roof installs metal wall cladding can make any architects drawings come to life with perfect joinery.

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Roof Extensions

Sydney Roof have become specialists at all kinds of roof extensions and skillions. No exotic designs are beyond our expertise.

Cladding Contractor & Expert Roofing Service

Metal wall cladding can be a beautiful alternative to brick or fibre cement sheeting. It is a durable and attractive finish. It can add a sleek modern look to any home, increasing the street appeal of any home. 

It is durable, clean and comes in a multitude of colours, profiles, and sizes.

The range in metal wall cladding is endless, from flat Colorbond bespoke flashing to Custom Orb, Long Line 301, Standing Seam or bespoke designs from an Architect the design in Wall Cladding is limited only by your imagination.


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Cladding Done by a Professional Cladding Contractor is Beautiful

Wall Cladding also comes in a metallic finish or pure Zinc, the list goes on and on.

Metal cladding is very versatile with seamless joints and hidden fixing. It can give you very clean lines and a modern design. It will make you the envy of the street.

Metal Wall Cladding is a specialised aspect of roof plumbing.

Not all roof plumbers are experienced in the installation of Wall Cladding.

It takes a special tradesman to achieve a professional finish, for the cladding around windows, doorways, stairs with all of the difficult angles. It is an art form not suited to all tradespeople even some experienced cladding contractors. 

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At Sydney Roof we have extensive experience with all forms of the cladding installation process, we have worked closely with builders and architects to perfect these skills and are accustomed to the challenges of bespoke designs and unique angles and shapes.

At Sydney Roof, we will give you a professional and beautiful finish, regardless which wall cladding system you choose.

Next time you’re building a new home or adding an extension, consider Colorbond or Zinc Wall Cladding to add that extra feature and make your home stand out from the rest.

The results will be beautiful if it’s installed by an experienced cladding contractor like Sydney Roof

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Roof Repair Service Sydney

Metal Re-Roofing

Tile Re-Roofing and Repairs

Sydney Roof will expertly dispose of your old, leaking metal or tile roof and install a new metal roof or tile roof of your choice.

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Roof Repair Service

Metal Roof Repair – Tile Roof Repair

Sydney Roof, are experts in metal roof repairs and tile roof repairs. We will detect the source of the leak and repair the problem fast.

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Gutters & Downpipes

Guttering Repairs and Replacement

Sydney Roof are experts at installing new gutter and downpipe systems, valley replacement, ridge capping, and re-pointing.

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Replaced and Installed New

Sydney Roof will remove your tired, old and defective purlins and replace them with new purlins.