Repitch and Roof Structure Repair Sydney

Structural Roof Replacement and Repairs.

Roofing is not all that we do at Sydney Roof.

Timber or metal roofs sometimes require structural repairs or even structure replacement. This can be due to the age of the building or the effects of long-term water ingress which has caused rotting of the roof timbers or your roof may have been under-engineered from the initial build.

Termite damage, Storm damage and a whole lot of other issues may have been a contributing factor to you having to replace part of the structure of your roof.

Occasionally the wrong type of roofing may have been used allowing failure of the water tightness of the roof.

Here at Sydney Roof, we have the expertise and experience to rectify all of your structural repairs and replacement needs.

For light structural work, our team of roof carpenters will replace rafters, prop a sagging roof, replace timber or metal fascia board and replace roof battens.

For more substantial roof structural repairs, our representatives at Sydney Roof, can organise the appropriate trade, usually a carpenter or steel fixer,

and we can work together with these trades to ensure that your home is kept watertight and is repaired in an efficient manner during the repair process.

What if your roof cant be fixed but needs to be replaced?

There are times when the only solution to your roof troubles is to replace the roof structure.

At Sydney Roof, we take the responsibility of exploring all of your options and take the time to explain to you what your options are and why we are recommending the repair or replacement we suggest.

Sometimes the damage to the integrity of your roof is just too great leaving no option but to replace your roof.

If your roof is too flat allowing water to pool on the roof rather than run off and drain into your guttering system. If the wrong roofing system has been used or if the membrane (usually bitumen) that protects your flat roof has become damaged, you may find yourself in a situation where it is better tore-pitch the roof and apply a whole new roof.

Sometimes this is the only solution to your leaking roof. But here at Sydney Roof we can guide you through the whole repair from start to finish in a efficient and informed manner, managing everything for you from stripping your roof to restructuring, to re applying a new and watertight roof that will not only ensure your problem is fixed but will look good for many years to come.